Round Baking Pan

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Elevate your baking game with our Aluminum Round Baking Pan. Crafted from sturdy aluminum alloy, it ensures even baking and easy release. Perfect for creating delectable chiffon cakes at home.

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Introducing our Aluminum Round Round Baking Pan, the essential tool for every baking enthusiast. Crafted with precision from premium aluminum alloy, this cake mold guarantees superior heat conduction, facilitating even baking and ensuring your creations rise to perfection with a delicate crumb texture.

Designed with a solid bottom, it provides stability and support throughout the baking process, allowing you to effortlessly craft flawless chiffon cakes and other delicate confections. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just beginning your culinary journey, this versatile bakeware promises consistent results every time.

Available in a sleek silver, this cake mold not only delivers on performance but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen collection. Its versatile size range, from 4 to 12 inches, accommodates various baking needs, making it suitable for intimate gatherings or larger celebrations.

Say goodbye to the hassle of sticky residues and difficult clean-ups. Our cake mold’s non-stick surface ensures easy release, so your creations emerge flawlessly intact, ready to impress with their divine taste and aesthetic appeal.

Specifications of Round Baking Pan

  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Color options: Silver or black
  • Size range: 4 to 12 inches diameter
  • Package includes: 1 piece of cake mold
  • Heat conductivity: Ensures even baking
  • Solid bottom: Provides stability during baking
  • Non-stick surface: Easy release and effortless cleaning


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