My 4 Best Keto Bites: Delicious Low-Carb Snack Ideas 2024

The ketogenic diet has taken the world by storm, celebrated for its potential benefits in weight loss, blood sugar control, and mental clarity. Within this low-carb, high-fat lifestyle, keto-friendly snacks have rapidly gained popularity, especially among those looking for on-the-go options that align with their dietary needs. Keto bites, small, pre-packaged snacks designed for the ketogenic diet, are a perfect example. They offer the convenience and satisfaction of a quick snack without the carb overload typical of traditional snack foods.

Crafted from a variety of ingredients like nuts, seeds, cheese, and low-carb sweeteners, keto bites come in an assortment of flavors to cater to different taste preferences. Whether you crave something sweet like chocolate and peanut butter or something savory like cheese and herb, there’s a keto bite that fits your palate. The focus of these snacks is on high-quality fats and minimal carbs to keep consumers within the metabolic state of ketosis, where the body burns fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.

You can even make your keto granola by yourself. Then this video may be something for you.

My Best Keto Bites to Satisfy Your Cravings!

I’m beyond thrilled to share my handpicked favorites that make staying in ketosis an absolute breeze and a delight! After countless taste tests and nutritional analyses, I’ve narrowed down the best keto bites that pack both flavor and health in every bite. If you’re hunting for that perfect snack to curb your cravings without the carb overload, look no further.

Best Keto Bites – Bhu Chocolate Cookie Dough

Overall Pick
Best Keto Bites - BHU Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
$28.99 ($2.73 / Ounce)


✅ Over 500 5-star-Ratings ⭐

✅ Delicious Salty Nut Squares

✅ Vegan and Natural Sweetener

✅ Available in 5 Different Flavors


❌ become very soft in summer temperatures

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07/08/2024 02:21 am GMT

I’d highly recommend snacking on these Keto Cookie Dough Bites for anyone looking to satisfy sweet cravings without breaking their keto diet.

With just the right balance of sweetness and chewiness, these bites curb my sugar cravings without any guilt. Plus, the individual wrapping means I can toss a couple in my bag on hectic days or when I’m on the go.

Even my family, who aren’t all on keto, reach for these bites. They’re the perfect blend of convenience and taste, especially when the midday slump hits.

The plant-based protein keeps us all fueled till dinner. Just be cautious if you’re expecting the classic cookie dough flavor—it’s similar, but not quite the same.

It’s worth noting that I had some hiccups with the delivery during a summer heatwave. They did arrive a bit soft but firmed up in the fridge without losing their texture or taste.

Onnit Chocolate Coconut Cashew Bites

Best Price
Onnit Protein Bites Chocolate Coconut Cashew


✅ Best Price-Value-Ratio

✅ High in Protein 💪

✅ Great Taste and very Filling


❌ Relatively High Carb Content

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If you’re seeking a delicious and nutritious keto-friendly snack on a lower budget, these bites are a fantastic pick with a satisfying taste.

Initially, I thought they might be just another mundane snack option, but the rich flavor of chocolate paired with coconut and the crunch of cashews proved me wrong.

They offer a delightful taste experience, and their size fits perfectly in my gym bag or laptop case, making them an excellent choice for those midday hunger pangs.

It’s the sort of snack that keeps me full without feeling like I’ve overindulged. What impressed me further was that despite being a protein-packed option, they don’t come with that grainy aftertaste many other protein snacks do.

However, as they are not labeled keto, they are also relatively high in carb content. So this one you should really only consume in moderation.

Oakhouse Coconut Chocolate Chip

Oakhouse Bakery Coconut Chocolate Chip Bites
$12.98 ($1.62 / Ounce)


✅ Natural Sweetener

✅ Resealable Packaging

✅ Taste Excellent for Coconut Lovers


❌ Coconut Taste not for everyone

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/08/2024 03:06 am GMT

If you’re on the hunt for a satisfying keto-friendly snack that hits the spot without derailing your diet, these Coconut Chocolate Chip bites are a delightful pick.

Opening the packet of Oakhouse Keto Clusters, the inviting aroma of coconut and chocolate immediately tells you that these aren’t your average health food snack.

Biting into the moist and chewy texture, it’s almost hard to believe they’re packed with just 3g net carbs per serving. My sweet cravings vanish as I relish the rich flavor that perfectly balances coconut with chocolate chips.

The treat’s nutritional profile adds to the pleasure. Munching on almonds, chia seeds, and sunflower seeds, I’m not just indulging; I’m also fueling my body with antioxidants and healthy fats. It’s reassuring to snack without the gluten, grains, or dairy that many are trying to avoid.

I’d recommend getting these if your budget allows for periodic indulgences. Also, while I personally didn’t experience any digestive issues, friends have mentioned that fiber can be potent; moderation is key.

Bhu Keto Bites Dark Chocolate

BHU Keto Bites Dark Chocolate
$21.81 ($10.90 / Count)


✅ Clean Ingredients

✅ Great Flavor


❌ Bit Expensive

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/08/2024 03:21 am GMT

If you’re on keto and crave a satisfying sweet treat that won’t break your diet, Bhu Fit Keto Bites are a must-try.

I was seeking a keto-friendly snack that could tame my sweet tooth without the guilt. Discovering Bhu’s Keto Bites felt like striking gold. The double dark chocolate flavor is divine, offering a rich taste experience I didn’t expect from a health-focused snack.

The bites are perfectly portioned, making it easy to manage consumption and avoid overindulgence.

On my hectic days, when sit-down meals are a luxury, these Bhu bites have been my go-to. Their size makes them exceptionally portable, fitting neatly into my bag or desk drawer.

While the flavor and nutrition boxes are checked, I do take note of the price, which feels a bit steep.

Buying Guide

Flavor Profile

I always check the variety of flavors available. Keto bites can range from sweet to savory. I recommend looking for flavors that excite your taste buds while fitting into your dietary plans.

Nutritional Content

It’s important to assess the macros to ensure they align with my keto goals. Here’s what I look for in a glance:

Ingredient Quality

I prioritize clean ingredients. That means no artificial additives or preservatives. I glance through the ingredient list to make sure it’s all items I recognize and trust.


For me, convenience is key. I aim for keto bites that are easy to transport without making a mess. I prefer packaging that reseals to maintain freshness.

Price Point

While I’m willing to invest in my health, I also keep an eye on affordability. I compare prices per ounce or per serving to get the best deal while not compromising on quality.

Texture and Freshness

I value a satisfying crunch or a soft, fresh bite. I read reviews to get a sense of the texture since I can’t sample it myself before buying.

Remember, the best keto bites are the ones that fit your individual taste and lifestyle choices!

Nutritional Comparison Best Keto Bites

As I tried these Best Keto Bites, I created this comparison of the nutrition facts for you. With that comparison, you can choose the one, that suits your diet the best.

Nutrition per ServingBHU FOODS Chocolate Cookie Dough (1bite / 25g)Onnit Protein Bites (1bite / 32g)Oakhouse Keto Snack (3bites /40g)BHU Keto Dark Choc Bites (1 bite /25g)
Total Fat11g6g17g11g
Total Carb.7g15g11g8g
Net Carbs2g6g3g1g
Nutritional Comparison Keto Bites

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