Stone Cooking Pan

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Upgrade your kitchen with our Stone Cooking Pan. Featuring Japanese Daikin EK series non-stick coating, it’s abrasion-tested for durability. With a stainless steel bottom, it’s compatible with gas and induction stoves. Cook effortlessly and clean up easily with this versatile kitchen essential.

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Elevate your culinary game with our Stone Cooking Pan, a versatile addition to any kitchen. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this wok pan is designed to endure the rigors of daily cooking while providing exceptional performance.

At its core lies the innovative Japanese Daikin EK series healthy non-stick coating, meticulously engineered to withstand the test of time. Rigorously tested for abrasion resistance, this coating ensures a non-stick surface that endures over 100,000 cycles, promising longevity and ease of use for years to come.

The construction of this cooking pan is as robust as its performance. Its aluminum alloy base material guarantees even heat distribution, while the 430 stainless steel permeable bottom ensures compatibility with both gas stoves and induction cookers. Whether you’re stir-frying on a high flame or simmering on a gentle heat, this wok pan delivers consistent results every time.

Designed with the user’s comfort and safety in mind, this stone cooking pan features Bakelite non-slip handles that stay cool to the touch even during prolonged cooking sessions. Reinforced with long screws and subjected to rigorous fatigue testing, these handles provide a secure grip and peace of mind, making cooking a pleasure rather than a chore.

Versatility is key in the modern kitchen, and this pan doesn’t disappoint. Suitable for use on a variety of stove types, including induction, gas, electric, and ceramic, it adapts effortlessly to your cooking needs, whether you’re cooking a quick stir-fry for one or a feast for the whole family.

With its seven-layer construction, this wok pan is built to last. From the mineral wear-resistant layer to the stainless steel composite layer, each component plays a vital role in ensuring durability, heat retention, and superior performance. When it’s time to clean up, the non-stick coating makes it a breeze, so you can spend less time scrubbing and more time enjoying your culinary creations.


Specifications of our Stone Cooking Pan

  • Dimensions:
    • 8 inches diameter
    • 10 inches diameter
    • 11 inches diameter
  • Material: Aluminum alloy base with 430 stainless steel bottom
  • Coating: Japanese Daikin EK series healthy non-stick coating
  • Handle Material: Bakelite
  • Handle Length: Approximately 7 inches
  • Compatibility: Gas stove, induction cooker, electric stove, ceramic stove
  • Package Layers: 7 layers including mineral wear-resistant layer and stainless steel composite layer
  • Heat Resistance: Up to 450°F

8 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches


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