My 4 Best Keto Shakes: Top Picks for Keto Meal Replacement

In choosing the best keto shakes, it’s vital to scrutinize the nutritional profile—ensuring it’s low in net carbohydrates and free from added sugars that could disrupt ketosis.

Keto shakes have become a staple in the world of low-carbohydrate, high-fat diets, providing a convenient boost of nutrients without deviating from ketosis.

This dietary approach, concentrated on altering the body’s primary energy source from glucose to ketones—byproducts of fat breakdown—has garnered widespread popularity for weight loss and energy sustainability.

Keto shakes align perfectly with this diet plan because they are specifically formulated to have a high fat and moderate protein content while keeping carbs to a minimum.

Now, let’s dive into the specifics and see which keto shakes come out on top, blending nutritional adequacy with exceptional flavor and convenience.

You can even make your keto shakes by yourself. Then this video may be something for you.

My Best Keto Shakes

I’m excited to share my personal selection of the best keto shakes available on the market. These carefully chosen options not only taste great but also align perfectly with your low-carb lifestyle, providing you with essential nutrients and keeping you in ketosis.

Best Keto Shake – Giant Sports Cheesecake Mix

Overall Pick
Best Keto Shake - Giant Sports Cheesecake Mix
$30.99 ($1.86 / Ounce)


✅ Over 6k - 5-star-ratings ⭐

✅ 3g Net Carbs per Serving

✅ Great Taste

✅ Also suitable for Ice and Baking


❌ Serving Size may be to sweet for some

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07/08/2024 07:39 am GMT

I genuinely believe you’ll be delighted with this shake, especially if you’re aiming to keep your keto diet enjoyable and your sweet cravings satisfied.

As someone on a keto diet, finding a shake mix that doesn’t taste like chalk is a real win. The Keto Cheesecake Shake doesn’t just fill this gap; it exceeds expectations. Mixing it with cold almond milk creates a smooth experience that’s reminiscent of indulging in a slice of New York-style cheesecake.

It’s rich enough to satisfy any dessert craving, yet still falls within the keto-friendly macros. The shake powder is quite versatile. Beyond drinking it straight, I’ve incorporated it into my keto recipes with fantastic results. It’s a guilt-free way to enhance the flavor of your keto desserts.

However, I’ve found that whipping it up in a blender eliminates any potential lumpiness you might encounter when mixing by hand. As far as taste goes, the Keto Cheesecake Shake hits a sweet spot that’s surprisingly rare in keto supplements.

It’s sweet, but not overwhelmingly so, which is crucial to avoid those pesky sugar cravings. However, I noticed some fellow keto followers may find the taste too sweet and not suitable for a stricter keto regime.

Healthy Delights Chocolate Shake

Best Price Pick
Healthy Delights Nature Fuel Chocolate Milkshake
$35.05 ($1.87 / Ounce)


✅ Best Price per Serving

✅ Natural Sweeteners and Flavors

✅ Contains 24 Vitamins and Minerals


❌ Mixxing with blender ensures even mixing

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07/08/2024 08:14 am GMT

I wholeheartedly recommend the Healthy Delights Chocolate Shake if you’re on keto and searching for a satisfying treat that aligns with your dietary goals.

Recently, I decided to give this chocolate protein shake a try, mixing it according to the suggestions I found. I must say, it’s a luxurious blend that can make sticking to a keto diet feel less like a chore and more like a treat.

If you’re tired of dull, tasteless options, the robust double chocolate flavor of this shake is a game-changer. The blend of grass-fed butter and MCT oil in Healthy Delights is impressive. Not only does it help you hit your fat intake for the day, but it also provides a satiating effect that carries you comfortably to your next meal.

Plus, having no artificial ingredients gives me peace of mind about what I’m putting into my body. One thing I did notice was the occasional lump after mixing, which I solved by giving it an extra whirl in the blender.

Keto Chow Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

Keto Chow Chocolate Peanut Butter
$6.33 ($3.01 / Ounce)


Delicious Chocolate Peanut Butter Taste

✅ Also be Used for Desserts, Snacks, ....

✅ Rich and Filling


Bit High on Price

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07/08/2024 08:36 am GMT

I’d recommend giving Keto Chow Peanut Butter Shake a shot for its ease of meal prep and rich flavor that caters well to keto diet needs.

Recently, I had the pleasure of trying Keto Chow’s meal replacement shake. Mixing it up was a breeze; surprisingly, it turned into a creamy, satisfying blend that was even better after chilling overnight.

The Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor wasn’t just good – it was delightfully indulgent without breaking my keto stride. The texture was spot on; just thick enough to feel like a treat, without that chalkiness often found in other shakes.

Customizing the shake’s fat content was fun; I went with melted butter this time, which added a rich dimension to the flavor. It’s remarkably filling, too, which meant that for hours after my meal, I was energized and focused without any hint of cravings.

Despite the price, considering it ticks all the boxes for a balanced keto meal, Keto Chow feels like a sound investment in my health. Sure, you’ll need to provide your own fat source, but this customization means it can fit any keto dieter’s macros perfectly.

OWYN Plant-Based Vanilla Shakes

Ready To Drink
OWYN Plant Based Protein Shake Vanilla
$36.99 ($0.26 / Fl. Oz)


✅ Ready to Drink

✅ 100% Plant Based

✅ Rich and Filling


❌ Plastic bottle not environmentally friendly

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07/08/2024 08:25 am GMT

If you’re on the keto diet and seek a delightful, plant-based drink, these OWYN Vanilla Shakes should be on your radar.

I just had one of these OWYN Vanilla Shakes post-workout, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how creamy and fulfilling it was. It kept me full for hours. The blend of pea and organic pumpkin seed proteins provided a nice energy kick.

I feel good about getting extra nutrients in my diet, especially when I’m too busy for a sit-down meal. Also, I found the shake to be a great fit with my on-the-go lifestyle; just grab, shake, and you’re ready for a nutritious snack or meal replacement.

Now, last week, I swapped my morning coffee for one of these shakes, and I noticed a more consistent level of energy without the mid-morning crash.

Buying Guide

Understanding Macros

I look for the macronutrient ratio that fits my keto regimen. The shake must be high in fats, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates. Fats should be the primary energy source. Proteins are crucial but in moderate quantities to maintain muscle mass without disrupting ketosis. Carbohydrates need to be minimal to support the metabolic state of ketosis.

Ingredient Quality

The ingredients should be as natural as possible. I check for artificial additives, fillers, or sweeteners and prefer shakes without them. Organic and non-GMO ingredients are a plus. A table can list what to look for:

Nutritional Benefits

I ensure the shake provides substantial nutritional value, like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. While these don’t directly contribute to the energy components of the diet, they ensure overall well-being.

Taste and Mixability

Taste is subjective, so I look for a flavor that appeals to my preferences without compromising the shake’s nutritional profile. Mixability is crucial – a good shake should dissolve easily in liquids without clumps.


I balance quality with cost, ensuring the shake provides value for money. I consider the cost per serving and the nutritional benefits derived from each serving for a comprehensive assessment.

Nutritional Comparison Best Keto Shakes

As I tried these Best Keto Shakes, I created this comparison of the nutrition facts for you. With that comparison, you can choose the one, that suits your diet the best.

Nutrition per ServingGiant Sports Cheesecake (1scoop / 24g)Healthy Delights Nature Choc Bites (2scoops / 38g)Keto Chow Peanut Butter (1 serving Dry Mix, 59g)OWYN Plant Based Vanilla (1 serving /355ml)
Total Fat15g15g4g7g
Total Carb.4g9g11g8g
Net Carbs3g7g3g5g
Nutritional Comparison Keto Shake

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